Instructors & Seminars

If you’re looking for woodworking education then you’ve come to the right place. The Woodworking Shows offer you a tremendous amount of choices when it comes to improving your skills, including presentations and seminars on the show floor, paid seminars from Chuck Bender and Tracey Cheuvront and online education. Below please find the speakers who are committed to the 2024 season and stay tuned for special guests that may join us along the way.

For an overview of seminar times please see our Seminar Schedule. For seminar speakers and full descriptions of their seminar offerings simply click on each speaker below. Please note that Bill Bush, Dale Barnard, Digtal WoodcarverURBN Timber and Chad Grosklags seminars are only available in select marktes. To see where they will be speaking follow the links above or their pictures below.

The Wood Working Show - Laney Shaughnessy

Chuck Bender

Profesional Woodworker, Furniture Maker & Teacher

The Wood Working Show - Charles Bender

Tracey Cheuvront

Creator & Powercarver, Specializing In Tool Restoration

Professional Woodworker, Content Creator, TV Personality

Woodturner, Artist, and Founder of Spiracraft

Avid Woodturner, Woodworker & Demonstrator

The Wood Working Show - Ron Herman

Kathrina Nellis

Hand & Power Carver

The Wood Working Show - Ron Herman

Barry Gross

Master Pen Maker, Published Author & Instructor

The Wood Working Show - Laney Shaughnessy

Digital Woodcarver

CNC Machining Training

The Wood Working Show - Ron Herman

Bill Bush

Master Craftsman, Specializing In The Finishing Process

The Wood Working Show - Laney Shaughnessy

Dale Barnard

Professional Woodworker, Published Author & Instructor

The Wood Working Show - Ron Herman

Urbn Timber

Up-cycling Urban Trees, Focusing On Live Edge Slabs & Hardwood Furniture

Content Creator, Youtuber, Laser Specialist