Digital Woodcarver

U.S. Manufacturer Of CNC Machines

When you hear the words CNC or CAD/CAM design, it can be intimidating. If fears of having to learn a new method of woodworking, using a computer to create designs or just running a complicated machine keeps you from exploring this amazing method of creating unique masterpieces through CNC machining, this then is the place to start.

Digital Woodcarver’s 2023
Seminars included with general admission (MD, MA, OH, IN, GA and WI Only)

How can a CNC machine aid you in your woodworking?

(Friday 1:00 | Saturday 1:00 | Sunday 12:00)

Hosted by Digital Wood Carver, in this seminar, Woodworking Instructor Laney Shaughnessy or Burl Tichenor takes you through the benefits of adding a CNC Router to your shop. 
The Seminar will cover the following topics: 
  • What are the benefits / advantages of using a CNC router? 
  • What types of things can a CNC router do? 
  • How hard is it to learn to use a CNC router? 
  • What are the software options? 
  • What are the options available to you?
  • We will review the following types of Projects:
    • 3D Raised Panel Doors 
    • Inlays 
    • Furniture Making 
    • Box Making 
    • Joinery 
    • Adding customizations to your projects 
    • 4 th Axis Rotary Projects – Table Legs, Spindles, etc.