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An Invitation from Roland Johnson

• Contributing Editor – Fine Woodworking magazine
• Owner of Roland Johnson’s Woodworks
• Hand-tool and power-tool expert for The Woodworking Shows.

Roland Johnson – I’ve had a lot of folks ask me why they should attend a woodworking tool show when there is plentiful information about tools and woodworking methods readily available on the web. The reason is simple: at the shows you can see the tools demonstrated; you can check out the tools up close, often trying them out for yourself, and ask questions of folks who really know the facts and who will be happy to show you the answers. The Woodworking Shows give you the chance to spend a day, or three, at the biggest woodworking store in the country! Plus there is always that item that you run across at the show that you didn’t know existed, but is just the answer to a woodworking riddle that’s been pestering you.

In addition to the tool dealers there are a bunch of great seminars, given by nationally renowned woodworking experts. This is a great chance to spend some time with woodworkers you know well but have never had the chance to meet. Finishing, cabinetmaking, router inlay, furniture building, setting up shop, hand plane rehab, and a host of other interesting topics are featured in the seminars and most of the presenters are on hand all day long. Local woodworking organizations and schools are also typically well represented; a great way to meet other woodworkers in your area.

If you are new to woodworking there is no better way to get pointed in the right direction than attending a show. The shows are a great motivator, and the chance to meet experienced pros face-to-face and get good, solid, reliable information is priceless. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Finally, it’s just a wonderful way to spend a day or two totally immersed in the woodworking experience. You get to hang out with fellow woodworkers, spend time cruising the vendor isles, and just simply enjoying a great time.

So do yourself a favor and plan on spending a day or so with us at the show. Check out the tour schedule on The Woodworking Show’s website and make sure you mark your calendar; these shows are too good to miss. I’ll be at all of the shows this tour and I look forward to seeing you, so please stop by and say hi!

See you soon!

Roland Johnson

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