Bradley McCalister

Woodturner, Artist, and Founder of Spiracraft

Bradley McCalister is a world-renowned craftsman and the founder of Spiracraft. Bradley loves to turn traditional teaching methods on their heads, and he brings his easy confidence and hard-won wisdom to all of the seminars he teaches, and never holds back on the tips, tricks, and stories that make him so effective.

Bradley’s 2024 Seminars

Friday: 1:30 - 2:30 Metallic Leaf & Flake For Your Wooden Projects

Join Bradley for this sparkling seminar as he walks you through adding metallic leaf & flake to your woodworking projects. Whether it be picture frames, turned bowls, gourds, or any other piece you are creating metallic leaf & flake will add an air of elegance to your works.


Friday: 4:30- 5:30 Hollowing Small Vessels

In this seminar, Bradley will teach you the ins and outs of hollowing a small wooden vessel. Hollowing wood on a lathe is one of the dark arts in woodturning, bringing great satisfaction when completed. Join this seminar with Bradley if you want to expand your woodturning skill set.

Saturday: 1:00 - 2:00 Wood Dying & Patina Techniques

Working with dyes and patinas lends a whole dimension to your woodworking. During this colorful and creative seminar, Bradley will open your eyes to the endless possibilities available with wood dye and metallic paint patina finishes. Join Bradley in this seminar if you want to truly create one-of-a-kind pieces in any format in woodworking.

Saturday: 4:00 - 5:00 Turning Resin Art

Learn to work in the most free-form method in turning on a lathe. Bradley loves to step out of bounds when he is turning resin art. He will demonstrate his tips and tricks to create mild to wild resin art. Bradley will begin with a basic pre-cast resin blank and teach you how to turn it into a fantastic resin art piece.

Sunday 12:00 - 1:00 Air Brushing and Stencil Techniques

Join Bradley in this artistic seminar featuring an airbrush and various stencils to easily add beautiful designs to your wood of any kind. The airbrush is a fantastic tool; when combined with stencils, the outcome is fantastic! Bradley will demonstrate working with dyes and paints in the airbrush to show you a variety of creative applications.

Sunday 1:30 - 2:30 Finishes For Wood Surfaces

This final seminar of the weekend is all about the last step of your work: adding the finish. Bradley will demonstrate using various waxes, oils, and films to create a long-lasting protective finish on your treasured woodworking project.