Kathrina Nellis

Hand & Power Carver, Focused on Angle Grinder Based Powercarving

Working with green wood as well as dry lumber, Kathrina lets the character of the grain determine what is to be carved out. Using an eclectic mix of both hand and power tools, her unconventional “non-linear” approach turns firewood, floorboards, and scraps into works that are not only visually beautiful but also serve a useful purpose and feel good in the hand. Not widely appreciated but essential to her work, angle grinder based powercarving will be her focus this season.

Kathrina Nellis’ 2020 Seminars, 2021 Seminars TBA
Seminars included with general admission

Getting Started Powercarving

(Friday 12:30pm, Saturday 11:30am, Sunday 10:30am)
Learn tools and techniques for creating non-linear works of art from green wood or dried lumber. A kitchen utensil, serving tray, or yard sculpture can easily be made from a fallen tree limb or scrap board. The angle grinder is our basic platform for power carving, and with a range of bit options is well matched to most interests and abilities.

Freehand Power Texturing

(Friday 2:30pm, Saturday 1:30pm, Sunday 12:00pm)
Create signs, personalized gifts, and more quickly and efficiently without guides, templates, or large shop equipment.  Kathrina will demonstrate several powercarving methods for texturing surfaces to add interest, hide flaws, and/or minimize sanding.

One-hour Projects

(Friday 4:30pm, Saturday 3:30pm, Sunday 1:30pm)
Using an array of angle grinder based powercarving tools, Kathrina will create a funky spoon, tray, pencil pot, sign, or sculpture in an hour or less.  Fast, fun, and wonky are the only rules!