Shelter Institute

Tips for Homebuilding & Builders

Pat and Patsy Hennin started Shelter Institute in the early 1970’s on the premise that house building and home ownership are affordable. They broke down the house building process and studied all of the various systems to create a clear picture to homeowners, would-be homeowners, builders and engineers.

Shelter Institute‘s 2020 Seminars, 2021 Seminars TBA
Seminars included with general admission (MD, MA & NJ ONLY)

Chainsaw Tuneup

(Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm)
Chainsaw maintenance is 90% of chainsaw use. This 45-min workshop will save you time and money in repairs. No special tools required. Learn how to make your chainsaw work for you! This talk walks you through the maintenance and use of one of the most useful tools: the chainsaw. As a lumberjack in Idaho in the late sixties, Pat learned how to completely disassemble, clean and reassemble a chainsaw at dusk in order to be most productive during the daylight hours. He has felled trees large and small, limbed them forty feet in the air and rebuilt hundreds of saws. Whether you have a chainsaw that you use once a year to clean up your yard or are thinking of buying your own woodlot to maintain, this workshop will save you hours and hundreds of dollars in repair-shop and small-engine fees.

Pat will provide a chainsaw to disassemble, clean and reassemble walking you through all of the pieces that may need to be repaired, replaced or just cleaned as well as the best ways in which to clean them. From adjusting the engine speed, sharpening the chain to what type of fuel ratio to mix; he will cover it all.

Tormek Sharpening System Tutorial

(available any time upon request at the Shelter Institute booth)
The Tormek Sharpening System is one of the best tools available for sharpening everything in your bevy of tools. We have been using the Tormek Sharpening System since it was green! We will share with you, our tips and tricks to making the machine do the work for you so you can get back to what you love most, using your tools. Whether you have had and have been using your Tormek for years, have it sitting in a box in your workshop but haven’t found the time to set it up or you are considering purchasing one; this workshop will afford you some great new ideas to help you get your edge back.