If you're looking for woodworking education then you've come to the right place. The Woodworking Shows offer you a tremendous amount of choices when it comes to improving your skills. With the exception of the paid education being offered in select cities your general admission includes three days access to FREE seminars presented by real woodworkers.

For more information on the paid seminars, free seminars or free instruction listed below simply download the complete list of 2019 Seminars. There are over fifty classes to choose from so be prepared to learn, be entertained and ask lots of questions.

  2019 Seminars With Descriptions

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Below is a list of instructors and their 2019 seminars.

Ron Herman (Woodworking)

View Ron's Instructor Page

Roland Johnson (Woodworking)

View Roland's Instructor Page

  • Restoring Old Woodworking Equipment 
  • With The Grain
  • Brush Your Way To A Wicked Good Finish

Jim Heavey (Woodworking)

View Jim's Instructor Page

  • Easy Steps To Become A Stain And Dye Pro
  • Choosing The Right Finish
  • Spray Finishing

Bradley McCalister (Woodturning)

View Bradley's Instructor Page

  • Introduction To Woodturning (Paid Seminar)
  • Small Hollow Forms With Hand Held Tools
  • Creating Hybrid Turning Blanks. Casting With Resin And Wood
  • Coloring Wood. Dyes, Resins, Paints, Patinas, Airbrushing
  • The Versatile Gouge, Bowl, Roughing, Spindle
  • Turning Hybrid Resin And Wood Blanks
  • Regional Guest Demonstration
  • Sharpening Turning Tools
  • Free Form Sculptural Turning
  • Finishing Turned Wood

Charles Bender (Woodworking)

View Chuck's Instructor Page

Tracey Cheuvront (Power Carving)

View Tracey's Instructor Page

  • Getting Started
  • Srappy Spoons
  • Bowls & Trays

Digital Wood Carver (CNC)

View Laney's Instructor Page

View Burl's Instructor Page

  • CNC Basics for Everyone
  • Understanding the Design Software CAD/CAM Design 101
  • Basic CNC Machining Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Design Software CAD/CAM Design 101 (Machining Fundamentals Included)
  • Advanced CNC Training (Paid Seminar)

Barry Gross (Pen Turning)

View Barry's Instructor Page

  • Creating Your Pen Masterpiece
  • Pen Finishing Techniques
  • Finishing Acrylics, Application of a CA Glue Finish, Finishing Antler & Other Biologics

Alex Snodgrass (Bandsaw)

View Alex's Instructor Page

  • Bandsaw Clinic

Shelter (MD, MA & NJ Only)

View Pat's Instructor Page

  • Chainsaw Tuneup (Select Cities)
  • Intro To Milk Paint  (Mary McGuire, Select Cities)
  • Tormek Sharpening System Tutorial (Select Cities)

Urbn Timber (OH Only)

  • Epoxy River Table Form Building Friday 2pm (Select City)
  • Epoxy River Table Casting Saturday 11am (Select City)
  • Odies Oil Finishing Saturday 2pm (Select City)

Bill Bush (MD, MA NJ, OH & VA Only)

View Bill's Instructor Page

  • Prepping & Finishing a Surface - The Three Phase System (Select Cities)

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