Ron Herman

 As a third-generation master housewright, carpenter and toolwright, Ron provides helpful instruction and answers questions you didn’t even know to ask about wood and woodworking tools and tactics in his hands-on seminars. With more than 30 years of teaching under his belt, Ron’s direct style and engaging personality make each seminar one to remember.

Ron’s Bio

Ron has done everything from pit-sawing trees to hand-building log cabins with mule teams to creating and aging historic restorations to match the existing structures, as well as building multi-million-dollar new-construction homes. He is credentialed to meet the strict standards for working on houses registered with the National Historic Trust, and has performed several period restorations.

The company mill is stocked with an extensive tool inventory, arranged and sorted by type. Ron can work as early as 1830, using period tools and methods. He maintains an extensive library and knowledge of tool catalogs, research and patents, dating back more than 100 years, and can type, catalog, and give details on hundreds of tools. But the mill is also geared for production with a full complement of modern and antique power tools, and Ron is well versed in their use and instruction.

Imparting knowledge is one of Ron's special skills. He's been instructing in one form or another on many different topics for more than 35 years. His delivery is engaging and fun, and he makes sure attendees go home with their heads and hands full!

Ron has created several videos for Popular Woodworking; authored several articles for magazines such as Popular Woodworking and American Woodworker; presented at national seminars such as Woodworking in America and the Northeastern Woodworkers Association’s Fine Woodworking Show, as well as being selected as a judge for their woodwork competition; delivered seminars to many woodworking associations, including the Michigan and Alabama Woodworkers Guilds, the Long Island Woodworkers Club and the Woodworkers of Central Ohio. He has also presented to the Society of American Period Furniture Makers and has performed consultations for the National Historic Trust as well as other state and local historic societies.

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