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Woodpeckers X-Mat System


The X-Mat, the Foundation of Our Modular Assembly System. Customize your assembly mat size using modular 12” x 12” X-Mat squares. Each 3/4 ” thick square is molded from super-tuff, chemical resistant resin. The squares fit tightly together with interlocking dovetail-shaped keys. Now you're ready to position X-Mat work-holding accessories into any of the 36 “X” shaped sockets in each 12” x 12” X-Mat. All accessories features a piston-fit “X” shape bottom that anchors them to the mat and makes them impossible to slip sideways.

Choose From Four X-Mat Accessories.

The X-Mat L-Support is perfect for holding larger cabinet parts in place during the assembly process. This L-shaped bracket is robust in size at 3 ½” wide, with a 5” long base and 4” tall face and is formed from glass reinforced polycarbonate making it virtually indestructible. The base is slotted to allow 2” of travel to easily accommodate virtually any cabinet size. When positioned, the L-Support is easily clamped in place using its comfort grip knob.

With project parts in position, Woodpeckers Box Clamps are the perfect assembly companion to lock any 90° woodworking joint together. Your hands are free to nail or screw parts together without bar or pipe clamps getting in the way. If you use pocket hole joinery, the system is a dream to use.

The X-Mat Anchor is not only used to hold X-Mat accessories in place, but has countless applications when paired with shop-made devises. Use them with boards shaped to your needs to support pipe or bar clamps. Affix them to boards to make planing stops, secure our Box Clamps or fixtures of your own design. Their uses are only limited by your imagination.

The X-Mat Fingers are used to elevate large or small parts for finishing with minimal contact with the workpiece. This four-pronged X-Mat accessory cradles small parts when used individually and supports larger cabinet parts without the risk of slipping sideways– perfect for applying finish. When used in combination, they lift larger parts like cabinet doors or drawers off the mat to facilitate finishing both sides. No need to wait for one side to dry first. And finish materials (not even wood glues) stick to the chemical resistant material.

The X-Mat Secure Strips work just like X-Mat squares and are used to fasten an assembly of mats to a workbench or piece of plywood. Each strip is 2” wide x 12” long and has three, counter-sunk screw holes.

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