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Trend Router & Forstner Bit Sharpening Kit


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The Trend Router Bit & Forstner Bit Sharpening Kit Includes:

  • 1 each Double Sided Diamond Credit Card Stone: (600 grit) Fine and (300 grit) Coarse. Ideal for shaping, flattening and putting a razor edge on a variety of tooling.
  • 1 each 3” Mini Taper File:(600 grit) Excellent for sharpening forstner bits, small fluted tooling and hard to reach surfaces (both flat and curved surfaces).
  • 1 each  Lapping Fluid (3.4 FL. OZ.): Reduces swarf and reduces the possibility of clogging and rusting.
  • 1 each Cleaning Block: Removes grime for optimal hone performance.
  • 1 each James Barry’s Guide to Diamond Sharpening DVD: Step by Step guide to sharpening woodworking, gardening and domestic household tools.
  • 1 each Diamond Sharpening Solutions Guide Booklet: Teaches you the basics of how to use your Trend sharpening tools and accessories to gain optimal use and performance.

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