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Ridge Carbide Thin Kerf


The “Ultra” is a 48 tooth blade with a 25° alternate top bevel, a 5° alternating shear face, and is the ultimate combination blade for the most demanding wood worker. It will give you satin smooth rips and the ultimate cross-cuts on both hard and soft woods, and the high bevel angle and shear face design will give you cuts on veneered sheet goods that compare to the cuts of most “Premium” 80 tooth blades.

  • C-4 Micro-Grain carbide tips are 1/3 larger than on the best known blades.

  • Superior rips and crosscuts in hardwoods, softwoods, and plywood veneers

  • No bottom splintering in plywood veneers

  • Carbide teeth are ground to a 600 grit for razor sharpness

  • 20 – 25 sharpenings possible

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