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Perfect Sphere


Have you ever wanted to turn a sphere but just couldn't get it perfect? Now you can with the Carter Sphere Jig. You can turn a round vase, baseball, basketball or any other sphere shape you can dream up. The patent pending Perfect Sphere™ Tool is a sphere and concave turning system adaptable to most lathes on the market. The heavy duty construction and flexible configuration allow you to turn spheres from 1" to 14" in diameter on most lathes from 10" to 25". A Hunter Tool #4 carbide cutter is provided with each system which enables the tool a to cut the material versus a standard scraper. This provides for a smooth cut and long lasting cutter head. The system comes with an adjustable mounting base that accommodates most lathe bed widths. The only part that is lathe specific is the riser post which is available to fit lathes from 10" to 24/25".

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