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Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck


The Easy Chuck allows you to change out jaw sets in less than 30 seconds. The patent pending Snap Lock Technology uses no jaw screws or wrenches to exchange jaws. You simply use the supplied Jaw Key to depress a keeper latch in the jaw and slide the jaw right out. You slide in the next jaw type until you hear the unique Snap sound. This gets you back to turning quickly with the jaws you need to hang onto you project securely. The Easy Chuck's Zoom Ring gives you the ability to open and close the chuck very quickly for various gripping diameters with just your fingertips. Use the Zoom Ring to bring the jaws into position to lightly grab your project then use the supplied chuck key for final tightening. 

  • Snap-Lock Technology (SLT™)

  • Change jaws in 30 seconds or less

  • Jaws can be placed in any configuration, no longer sequentia

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