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Roland Johnson

To me one the real joys of woodworking is that hand tools and power tools can so effectively complement each other. There are days when my shop is a raucous cacophony of whirling cutters and singing blades and other days where hours of tranquilly reflective work create the Zen of Woodworking atmosphere that we often romanticize as the only way, and I enjoy every day.

I’m always pleasantly fatigued after the noise and frantic commotion of a power tool day, and I find hand tool days to be inspiring and sometimes downright magical. To me there is no best practice in woodworking; it’s more a matter of what works best for you. Please join me at my seminars this season and we’ll delve into that wonderfully symbiotic world of woodworking.

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Show Schedule

Dallas, TX
Costa Mesa. CA
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
New England
Indianapolis, IN
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Kansas City, MO
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL
Houston, TX

Session Times & Descriptions

Routers: The Woodshop Chameleon

Friday - 1PM, Saturday - 12PM, Sunday - 11AM
In most woodworking shops the high-pitched whine of a router-motor means interesting work is in progress. Noisy, messy and sometimes a bit intimidating, routers are the power-tools we often grab to quickly and efficiently create moldings, dadoes, dovetails, inlay work, and a ton of other joinery and decorative stuff. Mount the little whirling dervishes in a router lift/table combo and shaper capabilities are as close as the on-off switch, plus a table and fence can provide mess containment.

I recently authored a pair of articles about router lifts and tables for Fine Woodworking Magazine and I’ll share with you the inside stuff on what makes a good routing setup. We’re also going to investigate router bits and discuss what bits everyone should have in their arsenal and what bits will perform best for your style of work.

Doors: Bling for the Box

Friday - 2:30PM, Saturday - 2PM, Sunday - 12:30PM
The most common woodshop projects we create are boxes. Cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers, you name it, we love to build boxes. A box can be pretty bland without any embellishment and if we don’t cover the open side of the box it can be pretty messy looking once we stash all of our stuff inside, so we build doors. Doors protect our precious stuff and can become an artist’s pallet for bringing bling to the box.

We are going to explore door function and aesthetics in this seminar. Learn how to create doors that will sing in harmony, create a lasting impression, and last a lifetime, or two.

Handplanes, the Reprise

Friday - 4PM, Saturday - 4PM, Sunday - 2PM
I’m a self-confessed handplane junkie and the clutter of handplanes in my shop is concrete proof. There’s something really fulfilling about taking a rusty old plane that’s been relegated to a damp basement or dusty garage and turning it into a functional tool that always brings delight every time it’s put to wood. And if it’s a family heirloom the delight is even sweeter.

This year I’m going to be doing something just a bit different with my hand plane seminars. I still intend to show you how to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear but I would also like to include your planes. Dunlop and Firestone made more than tires and I’d love to see some of those obscure relics, so bring your unusual or favorite planes to the seminar, I’d love to see them. And if time allows you might even talk me into doing a condensed version of my card scraper seminar.


Friday - 5pm, Saturday - 5pm

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