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Roland Johnson

To me one the real joys of woodworking is that hand tools and power tools can so effectively complement each other. There are days when my shop is a raucous cacophony of whirling cutters and singing blades and other days where hours of tranquilly reflective work create the Zen of Woodworking atmosphere that we often romanticize as the only way, and I enjoy every day.

I’m always pleasantly fatigued after the noise and frantic commotion of a power tool day, and I find hand tool days to be inspiring and sometimes downright magical. To me there is no best practice in woodworking; it’s more a matter of what works best for you. Please join me at my seminars this season and we’ll delve into that wonderfully symbiotic world of woodworking.

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Show Schedule

Houston, TX
Costa Mesa. CA
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
W. Springfield, MA
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL

Session Times & Descriptions


Friday - 12:30PM, Saturday - 11:30PM, Sunday - 10:30AM
Why spend big money on a basic set of handplanes when you can buy and rebuild Stanley Bailey bench planes and have top quality planes for a small monetary investment. Stanley Bailey planes are a great way to get started in the fine art of hand planing and in this seminar you’ll learn how to source and buy old Stanley planes, which vintages are best for rebuilding and how to determine that vintage, and we’ll go through a comprehensive rebuild of the plane and sharpening of the blade. As a bonus you’ll gain an understanding of the mechanics of hand planes and how to fine tune any plane, old or new. This is a seminar you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in handplaning, whether you’re an experienced hand plane aficionado or a beginner.


Friday - 2PM, Saturday - 1:30PM, Sunday - 11:45PM
There is a lot of buzz in the woodworking world about the Festool Domino. In this seminar we’ll take a look at what makes the Festool Domino tick and why floating tenons are so well suited for furniture making. Some folks think the domino makes the biscuit history, so we’ll also check out a Lamello biscuit joiner (arguably the best biscuit joiner on the market) to see how the two systems overlap in use and why the biscuit joiner is an incredibly useful tool that simply does things differently than a Domino. And we’ll take a look at a bunch of biscuit-joiner-only accessories. Bring along your tips and tricks for either machine to share with the seminar group.


Friday - 3:30PM, Saturday - 3:30PM, Sunday - 1PM
Gluing wood together seems to be a pretty straightforward process: spread the glue on the surface of a board, stick another board to the glue, clamp and wait. Often there’s little consideration concerning the ultimate outcome of the glue-up. Will the piece be subjected to moisture, will it ever need to be disassembled, and will glue-stain be a problem? The list goes on. In this seminar we will look at PVA, CA, epoxy, urea-formaldehyde, animal hide (hot and cold), and a new type of PVA glue designed exclusively for use with veneer. We’ll discuss their appropriate use and look at some slick tips for achieving easy and accurate glue-ups and avoiding disasters. And finally we’ll take a look at an epoxy designed for use on cast-iron that will work great for fixing those things in your shop that aren’t wooden.

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