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Robert Settich

Bob Settich covers the woodworking spectrum with five information-packed seminars. Bob's latest seminar and book--Build an Arts and Crafts Dining Chair--puts chairmaking within the reach of the average woodworker. And it's available exclusively at The Woodworking Shows. Great finishes don't require a dedicated finishing room, a Nobel Prize in chemistry, or expensive application equipment. Building custom cabinets has never been easier, faster and more certain. Got hardware headaches? Get fast relief at Bob's seminar, covering some of the most-used hardware: hinges for small boxes, as well as hinges and drawer slides for cabinets. Discover the inside story on planecraft, building your own high-performance plane body in a weekend with offcuts from your scrap bin.

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Show Schedule

Houston, TX
Costa Mesa. CA
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
W. Springfield, MA
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL

Session Times & Descriptions


Friday - 12:30PM, Saturday - 10:30PM, Sunday - 10:30PM
We'll discuss the advantages and shortcomings of different wipe-on finish types, including oils and film-building oil/varnish blends. We'll talk about examples of appropriate uses, and how you can even use two finish types on different elements of a single project. And you'll discover the truth about food-safe finishes--it's news that may shock you; You'll see how to apply the different types of finishes, using procedures that ensure great results. And I'll also show you how to correct some common mistakes to get your project back on course; Then you'll see how to finish the finish: modifying the surface reflectivity to the exact level of sheen that you want. And we'll also discuss waxes that serve as your finish's first line of defense against dirt and environmental contaminants; And all along the way, you'll discover tips and shortcuts that will save you both time and money as you achieve your best-ever finish.

Build an Arts and Crafts Dining Chair

Friday - 2PM, Saturday - 12PM & 3PM, Sunday - 12PM
100% Right-Angle Joinery = 100% Success

If you can make a right-angle joint, you can build an Arts and Crafts dining chair. Forget about complicated angles and intricate joinery. This chair designed out all of the difficulties, replacing problems with simple solutions. All of the joinery is at right angles, so you can't go wrong. In Bob Settich's new seminar, you'll discover innovative techniques that put chairmaking into the hands of the average woodworker with ordinary tools. And when you take home his new book, you can put that information to work in your own shop.

Easy-To-Make Cabinets

Friday - 3:30PM, Saturday - 1:30PM, Sunday - 1:30PM
Now you can confidently build: Wall and base cabinets to organize your shop and garage; Built-ins, such as bookcases, that multiply storage space and increase your home's value; Vanity cabinets and storage units for the bathroom; A new custom kitchen at a fraction of the cost of purchased cabinets; Furniture such as dressers, desks, entertainment centers and more.

Hardware Made Simple

Friday - 4:30PM
Virtually every woodworking project involves hardware: whether you’re making a simple box or a kitchen full of cabinets. So knowing how to choose and install the right hardware for every application is an essential skill. In this seminar, woodworker and author Bob Settich will cover the basics of hinges and drawer slides.
Bob leads off with an overview of basic hinge styles for boxes, and explains how choose the right type for a range of different projects. You'll discover how to a avoid bound hinges--a condition that prevents a lid from fully closing. Then you'll see several no-fail installation strategies that eliminate frustration and produce great results.
Next, you'll see how to cut through the bewildering variety of cabinet hinges to quickly narrow your choices. You'll learn about the advantages and shortcomings of both traditional styles and concealed Euro hinges, so you'll be able to make smart decisions for all of your projects. Bob will show several installation strategies as well as tips, tricks, and jigs that help ensure your success.
Finally, you'll hear straight talk about drawer slides: how to get the function you need without overspending on hardware. You'll see several slide types that answer virtually every need, and one kind that you need to avoid at all costs. A demonstration cabinet illustrates a simple construction trick that makes slide installation fast, certain, and easy.
This seminar will relieve your hardware headaches by showing you how to get better results in less time and for less money.


Saturday - 4:15PM
You'll discover how to: Laminate the plane body and add a long-wearing sole; Accurately lay out the components to perfectly fit your blade; Achieve the highly desirable small throat opening that virtually banishes tear-out; Sharpen your plane iron to a flawless razor edge; Fine-tune your plane to produce whisper-thin shavings

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