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Richard Wedler

The Micro Fence System has been developed by noted woodworker Richard Wedler, who has been making custom cabinets and furniture for over 40 years. The first foundation piece of the system, the Micro Fence Edge-Guide, was the solution to straight-line and circular routing application problems that Richard confronted in his own commissioned work. Rich has continued the development of the Micro Fence System to include the Portable Three-Axis Mill Plunge Base, Circle Jigs, Ellipse Jigs, the Micro Stop, Vacuum Clamping equipment and most recently the Micro Plunge Base. HIs goal has always been to build the highest quality and most useful tools possible that offer solutions to woodworking problems. Rich is constantly researching and developing new products to make the Micro Fence System the benchmark for precision woodworking tools.

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Show Schedule

Dallas, TX
Costa Mesa. CA
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
Indianapolis, IN
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Kansas City, MO
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL
Houston, TX

Session Times & Descriptions

Precision Routing Techniques

Fri 1PM & 3:15PM , Sat 11AM & 3PM, Sun 11AM & 1:30PM
The curriculum will cover a wide variety of router applications including basic joinery, hardware installation, architectural detailing, inlay techniques and routing methods that feature the precision measurement that his system offers. Topics including bit selection, speeds/feeds and depth-of-cut are covered. You'll learn tips and tricks accumulated over four decades of Rich's high-end woodworking. A must for anyone interested in the finer details of woodworking using the hand-held router.

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