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Marc Adams

Marc Adams has been woodworking professionally for more than 33 years. In 1991, he became a technical consultant to the WWPA, SFPA, AHEC, and the U.S. government, representing the United States on International Quality of Furniture Making. His work has appeared in Design Book Six and Design Book Seven, and his shop was featured in The Workshop by Taunton Press. In addition, his work has appeared in many national publications and has been featured on the front cover of Woodshop News.

Marc has worked with the EPA in Washington on current woodworking issues and has been a panel commentator at the prestigious International Woodworking Fair. Marc has won the Indiana Artist/Craftsman of the Year award three times and periodically does TV and radio talk shows on woodworking topics. He co-authored the book Working With Plastic Laminates and currently consults for both the laminate and adhesive industries.

His Technical Techniques video series is the largest-selling video series in the history of woodworking, and he was recently awarded four Telly awards. Marc wrote an eight-part series on workshop safety for Popular Woodworking magazine and was a judge for the 2008 Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge Awards and the 2009 AWFS Fresh Wood Student Competition. He lectures nationally for universities, guilds, and trade shows and does train-the-trainer programs for today’s biggest tool manufacturers. He is currently writing for Fine Woodworking on the safe way to use stationary tools. In 1998, he was chosen as one of Indiana’s Top 40 Under 40 in the local business community and in 2010 was awarded the Outstanding Alumnus award from the world famous Whiteland High School. Marc is the director of MASW which is the largest hands-on woodworking school in the world.

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Show Schedule

Denver, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Somerset, NJ
Kansas City, MO
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI

Session Times & Descriptions


Friday - 9AM to 12PM
Cabinetmaking is the fundamental place to start woodworking. In this 3 hour intensive Marc will discuss how to make all kinds of cabinets including kitchen cabinets, vanities, bookcases, utility cabinets and work stations. There will be discussions on design, lay out, how to choose the best materials, efficient ways to mill stock, the difference between face frames and faceless cabinets, the joinery process and how to assemble the carcass. This class is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to make cabinets. If you are considering cabinet making as a future source of income or just enjoy working with wood, this is the class you have been waiting for.
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Friday - 1:30PM to 4:30PM
The router is the most often used, and without a doubt, the most versatile tool in the shop today. In this informative workshop, Marc will distinguish the differences between the trim, general, plunge, and “D” handle routers as well as safety and maintenance. Students will learn about the large selection of router bits available today and which ones work best for the job at hand. Speed, torque, feed direction and rate will be discussed as well as carbide versus high-speed steel, bit diameter, shaft size, collet types and sharpening. The majority of the class will be spent showing how to make several fixtures including circle, elliptical, cope and stile and a fixture for making faux dovetails that will fool even professional woodworkers.
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Saturday - 9AM to 12PM
This workshop will be an intensive study of understanding how to work with wood through a series of great demonstrations and technical discussions. The focus of this process-oriented workshop is the development of skills that can be applied to building fine wood furniture, cabinets or art objects. Marc will demonstrate different woodworking techniques, such as veneering, parquetry, inlay techniques, unique joinery, shaping and sculpting wood, and the process of developing good design. There will also be a brief discussion of the 7 families of adhesives used by woodworkers. Students will come away with a better understanding of how to embellish their work by adding fine details and processes that will take your projects to the next level.
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Saturday - 1:30PM to 4:30PM
It’s a rule that the weakest point of any furniture piece or cabinet is at the joint. How successful you are at making wooden projects will depend on how well you join your work together. Over the years Marc has had over 1500 people travel from around the world to attend his weeklong Joinery class. This weekend he will share some of the highlights from his full week class including a quick review of sharpening chisels and scrapers to razor edges. He will then discuss how to select a joint based on strength, grain direction, movement and the quality of fit. Demonstrations will include how to hand cut dovetails both through and half blind, easy ways to cut mortise and tenons and the strongest joint in woodworking, the hip joint.
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