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JoHannes Michelsen

Twenty five years ago JoHannes originated the woodhat and is solely responsible for bringing the art form to the level it enjoys today. Woodhats that are not only sculptural, but functional as well. They can be custom fitted, and when they are, they are extremely comfortable and wearable. Weighing, depending upon size, between 6 and 9 ounces. No more than common hats.

With the inception nine years ago and subsequent growth of JoHannes has become more involved in conceiving and developing new innovative tools for the wood turner, his Tri-Lobed handle with that incredible grip are winning favor the world around. The new three years ago “Vector” grind fixture is showing turners that there is a better grind available. This year it was time for the up-dating of the “QuickCore” the earlier versions worked well but this new version is just better in all ways and a very effective handheld coring tool, no set-up to do just pick it up and use it, hence “QuickCore” The hi-performance of this tool with its full length tube surrounding the larger cutter bar and hi-grade Nano Carbide tip has prompted Hannes to concentrate on the coring and turning of production bowls. The new coring tool is dubbed “MagnusCore” JoHannes’s middle name is Magnus

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Show Schedule

Baltimore, MD
W. Springfield, MA
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Atlanta, GA

Session Times & Descriptions

Turn a Full Sized Hat

Friday - 1PM, Saturday - 11AM
A 50 pound block will be turned to a final thickness of 3/64” and weighing just 7 ounces. At this thickness the wood transluces and light will be used extensively to control thinness. Then will be placed in the bender for shaping

Cutting Bowl Cores

Friday - 4:30PM
Processes covered will be rough turning the blank OD and removing two cores with the hand held “MagnusCore” tool

Finish Turning Bowls

Saturday - 2:30PM
Covered will be the finish turning of the cores from the prior week, having dried for just a week in the right conditions--this is what JoHannes calls “once and a half turned” come see the demo for an explanation of this. Proper grinds for this and a discussion of the various holding possibilities

Mini Wood Hat

Sunday - 10:30AM & 1:30PM
Mini Hats, done of the cores taken from the Full sized hats done previously. Minis are 3” crown turned 1/32” thick and weighing 22 grams

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