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JoHannes Michelsen

JoHannes has enjoyed 34 years as a continuing professional woodturner. The first eleven years his artistic output started with large natural edged bowls and was quickly predominated with large constructed vases with natural burl necks and painted bodies; back in a time when painting wood was strictly taboo JoHannes freely added color to his works!

Nineteen years ago JoHannes originated the woodhat and is solely responsible for bringing the art form to the level it enjoys today. Woodhats that are not only sculptural, but functional as well. They can be custom fitted, and when they are, they are extremely comfortable and wearable. Weighing, depending upon size, between 6 and 9 ounces. No more than common hats. Due to their unique magnetism, they are being sought by collectors and non collectors alike.

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Show Schedule

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Session Times & Descriptions

Turn a Full Sized Hat

Friday - 1PM, Saturday - 11AM
A 50 pound block will be turned to a final thickness of 3/64” and weighing just 7 ounces. At this thickness the wood translates and light will be used extensively to control thinness. Then will be placed in the bender.

Cutting Bowl Cores

Friday - 4:30PM
Processes covered will be rough turning the blank OD and removing two cores with the hand held "QuickCore" too

Finish Turning Bowls

Saturday - 2:30PM
Covered will be the finish turning of the cores from the prior week, having dried for just a week in the right conditions - this is what JoHannes calls "once and half turned". Come see the demo for an explanation. Proper grinds for this and a discussion of the various holding possibilities

Mini Wood Hat

Sunday - 11am & 2:30pm
Mini hat from the core out of the full size. Light will be used to judge the final thickness. Step by step of how to approach the turning of a wood hat will be covered

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