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Bradley McCalister

Honoring woodturning as both ancient art and modern expression, Bradley passionately believes in teaching others his craft. Bradley works with woodturning clubs as a mentor and hands-on teacher across the country, and is a product demonstrator for manufacturers of woodturning tools and equipment. A natural demonstrator, Bradley’s one and a half hour seminars approached 200 in the 2014/2015 show season.

This season Bradley will be offering a broad selection of seminars for the beginning, intermediate and advanced woodturner. Two special pre-show seminars will also be available on Friday and Saturday mornings. Friday’s seminar, “Breaking the Rules, Woodturning Without Restriction,” is for intermediate to advanced woodturners (fee and registration required). Saturday’s free seminar is sponsored by The American Association Of Woodturners (AAW), a national organization dedicated to the advancement of woodturning. This introduction to woodturning includes selecting tools, safety and creating a basic bowl. Attendees will also learn how to join the AAW and their local woodturning club. Please see Bradley’s schedule for more details on all of his seminars. All seminars will now include multiple cameras, allowing for the best view for that particular stage of the process.

Bradley has a true love for the craft of woodturning, and will always make time for just one more question. When he isn’t turning, Bradley also enjoys working in the garden of his century-old house. Don’t forget to ask him about his metal yard-art goats, and why he is known as “The Goat Man of Metter.” For more information about Bradley’s woodturning art and work click the View Website button to the left.

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Show Schedule

Baltimore, MD
Indianapolis, IN
W. Springfield, MA
Columbus, OH
Chantilly, VA
St. Louis, MO
Somerset, NJ
Houston, TX
St. Paul, MN
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL
Atlanta, GA
Kansas City, MO

Session Times & Descriptions

Paid Program - Breaking The Rules, Woodturning Without Restriction

Friday 10:00AM - 12:00PM
Bradley McCalister is highly regarded for his creatively shaped and multi-colored wood turnings, and for breaking the traditional rules of woodturning. Join Bradley for this two-hour seminar as he teaches the process that will allow you to create your own truly unique work. Bradley will explain how to analyze, orient and safely mount irregular-shaped wood on a lathe. Considerations for various design results and how to work with unforeseen issues in the wood are a focal point of the seminar. The turning techniques and tools needed to create the project safely will be explained and demonstrated in detail. To complete the seminar, Bradley will take you through the steps of using turned wood as a canvas to be colored with dyes and finished for a strong visual impact. Throughout the process, Bradley will explain the conventional design rules and how and why to break them so you too can be woodturning without restriction.
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American Association Of Woodturners, Introduction To Woodturning

Saturday 9:00AM - 10:30AM
This special seminar is sponsored by The American Association Of Woodturners. Featured topics will include a familiarization with key lathe components and the various mounting methods available to safely turn your projects on a lathe. An introduction to the broad spectrum of tools from high speed steel and carbide for use in spindle and bowl turning, as well as scrapers and skew chisels through hollowing tools, will be also be covered. Other topics include tool sharpening, face plates and four jaw chucks, drive centers and the accessories that are available to aid in your woodturning experience. Discover the various types of protective equipment available and the importance of safe turning practices and how to implement them. Attendees will also learn about turning green wood versus dried materials and the benefits of each. Bradley will explain how to process wood starting from a log, and understanding grain orientation for the most desirable results. Choosing the best tool for the project will be explained, as well as proper drying and storage techniques. Bradley will demonstrate the turning of a basic bowl to visually exhibit the key points that have been discussed. He will also explain the various finishes that are available and how to choose one for the project as it is completed. When the seminar is complete, you will have a solid foundation and understanding to start exploring the joy, creativity and art of woodturning. Representatives of The American Association Of Woodturners or local AAW-chartered turning clubs will be on hand to answer additional questions regarding the AAW and regional area clubs. Product suppliers or their literature will also be available for your information.

Woodturning Fundamentals

Friday 12:30 - 2:00PM
This seminar will provide the fundamental woodturning techniques and methods developed over several years at The Studios’ of Bradley R.M. and while working the cross-country art and craft show circuit. In this seminar, learn to quickly and efficiently start with green wood or dried turning blanks to produce a dazzling array of turned wood in many shapes, sizes and finishes. The selection and use of the proper tools and mounting techniques for your turning project will be explained and demonstrated in detail. If you’re interested in getting a solid foundation to start your wood turning hobby, this is the seminar you do not want to miss.

Mini / Midi Lathe Projects

Friday 2:30PM - 4:00PM
Join this seminar with Bradley to learn and explore the true potential of the mighty Mini / Midi lathe. Often thought of as pen lathes, he will demonstrate a variety of larger projects that are well-suited to these smaller machines. The turning projects during the seminar may range from thin stemmed goblets, hollow forms or lidded boxes to natural edge bowls and beyond. Many of the pieces will have the finish applied while still on the lathe, for a complete project from beginning to the end.

Turning Hollow Forms

Friday 4:30PM - 6:00PM
This seminar will provide the hollow form turning techniques and methods that Bradley uses at The Studios’ of Bradley R.M. to create his beautiful turned works. In this seminar, he will explain and demonstrate the methods to produce a thin wall hollow form using a variety of hand-held and captive hollowing tools. The demonstration will include the use of tool-mounted laser lights to produce a thin and very uniform wall thickness. Various shapes, sizes and design considerations will be discussed and demonstrated throughout the seminar.

Turning Large Diameter Pieces, Outboard of The Lathe

Saturday 11:30AM - 1:00PM
Step outside of the confines of your lathe’s standard capacity. Bradley will demonstrate turning large bowls or platters up to 30 inches in diameter. Utilizing an outboard turning attachment to the lathe, this facet of turning is a wonderful addition to your woodturning abilities. Attend this seminar with Bradley to learn the techniques needed to safely turn these large diameter projects.

Turning Unseasoned Green Wood Bowls & Vessels

Saturday 1:30PM – 3:00PM
In this seminar, Bradley shares the joy of turning green unseasoned wood. Watch as the large curly chips of wet wood cut like butter into strands up to four feet in length. Gain the knowledge to predict the movement of the wood during the drying process, and how to dry the wood properly to avoid cracks or splits. This seminar will be followed up on Sunday at 11:30 with “Re-Turning Roughed Out Dried Wood to the Final Shape & Size.” 

Coloring Turned Wood, A Three-Dimensional Canvas

Saturday 4:30PM - 6:00PM
Thinking “Outside of the box,” Bradley will show you how to create vividly colored wood in this interesting seminar. A number of woods lend themselves well to coloring, including Aspen, Maple, Holly, Poplar and others. This seminar will also cover the topics of wood selection and preparation, including pre-cut blanks, raw logs and manufactured wood products. Understand design considerations for a piece to be colored and polished to a glass-like finish. Techniques covered will include working with Aniline dyes and multiple layers of clear finish for adding depth and patterns. Methods for using one finishing material for multiple sheens, and how to “finish the finish” will also be covered. 

Mini / Midi Lathe Projects

Sunday 10:30AM -11:30AM
Join this seminar with Bradley to learn and explore the true might and potential of the Mini / Midi lathe. Often thought of as pen lathes, Bradley will demonstrate a variety of larger projects that are well-suited to these smaller machines. The turning projects during the seminar may range from thin-stemmed goblets, hollow forms and lidded boxes, to natural edge bowls and beyond. Many of the pieces will have the finish applied while still on the lathe for a complete project from beginning to end. 

Re-Turning Roughed Out Dried Wood To The Final Shape & Size

Sunday 12:00PM – 1:30PM
This seminar is a follow up to “Turning Unseasoned Green Wood Bowls & Vessels” on Saturday at 2:00. If you missed that seminar, there will be a brief summary at the beginning to re-cap the covered topics. Bradley will begin with a rough turned and properly dried piece, and take you through the steps to re-turn and true the wood. He will then demonstrate turning it to its final shape, size and wall thickness. To complete the seminar, Bradley will take you through the sanding and finishing process. A wax or oil type of finish will be applied to the piece, depending on which is most appropriate.  

Woodturning for Profit

Sunday 1:30PM - 2:30PM
This seminar will focus on generating a profit from the sale of your woodturning efforts. Wood turning is a wonderful hobby for tens of thousands of people. At some point you may want to try selling some of your work. Bradley will share his hard-learned lessons with you. Topics discussed will include getting started at your local art festival, to displaying your work in galleries and large national art shows. Works from The Studios of Bradley R.M. have been exhibited at all of these levels. Bradley will tell you how to navigate each of these markets, and the return you can expect to receive from your efforts. Examples of quick, simple and profitable projects will also be shared. 


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