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Bradley McCalister

Bradley McCalister considers woodturning to be both an ancient art and a modern expression, devoting many hours to the study of his craft. He honors both the skill of the “founding fathers” of woodturning, and the dynamic techniques of other turners from the 21st century. Bradley McCalister brings a comfortable style of education to the seminars that he has developed teaching and demonstrating to students from 8 to 88. With a true love for teaching the craft of woodturning Bradley McCalister always has time for one more question.

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Show Schedule

Houston, TX
Costa Mesa. CA
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
W. Springfield, MA
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL

Session Times & Descriptions


Friday 9:30AM - 11:30AM
Bradley McCalister is highly regarded for his creatively shaped and multi-colored woodturnings. How does he do this, by breaking the rules and woodturning without restriction?

Join Bradley for this 2-hour seminar as he teaches the process that will allow you to create your own truly unique work.

Bradley will teach you to analyze, orient and safely mount irregular shaped wood in a lathe. Considerations for various design results and how to work with unforeseen issues in the wood are a focal point of the seminar. The turning techniques and tools needed to create the project safely will be explained and demonstrated in detail. To complete the seminar Bradley will take you though the steps of using turned wood as a canvas to be colored with dyes and finished for a strong visual impact. Throughout the process Bradley will explain the conventional design rules and how and why to break them so you can be woodturning without restriction.
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Friday - 12PM, Saturday - 10AM, Sunday - 10AM
This seminar is offered to educate the young wood worker that would like an introduction to the craft of woodturning. Bradley McCalister has worked closely with national organizations and the private and public educational systems in youth oriented classes and demonstrations The seminar will begin with a brief explanation and demonstration of the tools, equipment and project to be made by the participants. Working in conjunction with local clubs and guilds the participants will then proceed to a lathe accompanied by an instructor and produce a simple turned piece to take home with them. All tools, materials and safety equipment are provided.

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Friday - 3PM, Saturday - 12:30PM
This seminar will provide the fundamental turning techniques and methods developed at The Studio's of Bradley R.M. Bradley McCalister began his woodturning career on the Art and Craft show circuits across the country for years, producing and selling beautiful turned woodwork. In this seminar learn to quickly and efficiently start with green wood or dried turning blanks to produce a dazzling array of turned wood in many shapes, sizes and finishes. The selection and use of the proper tools and mounting techniques for your turning project will be explained and demonstrated in detail. If you are interested in getting a solid foundation to start your wood turning hobby this is the seminar you do not want to miss.


Friday - 5PM, Saturday - 5PM, Sunday - 2PM
This seminar will focus on generating a profit from the sale of your woodturning efforts. Wood turning is a wonderful hobby for 10,000 of thousands of people. At some point you may want to try selling some of your work. Come to this seminar with Bradley McCalister and he will pass along his hard learned lessons to you. Topics discussed will cover getting started at your local art festival through having your works in galleries and large national art shows. Works from The Studios of Bradley R.M. have been exhibited at all of these levels. Bradley will share his insight on the various styles, quality and levels of return you can expect to receive from your efforts and demonstrate how to make a variety of quick and simple profitable projects.


Saturday - 3PM
This seminar will provide the Hollowed form turning techniques and methods from inside The Studio's of Bradley R.M. In this seminar Bradley McCalister will explain and demonstrate both the wet and dry wood methods to produce a thin wall hollow form using a variety of hand held and captive hollowing tools. Various shapes, sizes and design considerations will be discussed and demonstrated.


Sunday - 12PM
Multi-Piece projects are challenging, yet fun and rewarding. This seminar will demonstrate the skills and tools required to create multi-piece turnings. Items such as lidded boxes and similar works utilize these techniques. Learn to make two turned pieces fit together with precision. ! Starting with a dried turning blank, Bradley will take you through the entire process to have a lidded box with a decorative finial completed including the finish when it is removed from the lathe.

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