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Andy Chidwick - "The Woodworking Coach"

Beyond the Basics: Taking your woodworking to the next level

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Show Schedule

Houston, TX
Costa Mesa. CA
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
W. Springfield, MA
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, MO
Detroit, MI
Somerset, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL

Session Times & Descriptions


Friday - 12:30PM, Saturday - 10:30AM, Sunday - 10:30AM
At the center of most woodworking shops lies the familiar and illustrious table saw. Its power and versatility have proven it to be a valuable asset to woodworkers of all skill levels. But how well do we really know this old stalwart icon of the shop? Join us in this very practical seminar for an in-depth look at the set-up, strategies and skills needed to get the best from this ubiquitous machine. Included in this seminar you will see many of Andy's jigs and fixtures as well as demonstrations on various advanced techniques such as: compound ripping, angled coving, thin stock ripping, panel raising and more.


Friday - 2PM, Saturday - 12PM, Sunday - 12PM
Take a look into a furniture maker's toolbox and become an apprentice for an hour to learn about some essential tools and techniques for taking your work to a new dimension. From layout and marking tools, to shaping and scraping tools, to tooth-edged and plane-edged tools, you will gain insight into how these highly functional hand and power tools fit in a modern woodworking shop. A strong emphasis will be placed on the importance of the kinesthetic approach (learning by doing) while teaching the "best practices" for each tool including set-up, proper use and maintenance as well as identifying common mistakes and misinformation.


Friday - 3:30PM, Saturday - 1:30PM, Sunday - 1:30PM
Understanding the design process is key to growing as woodworkers, yet many of us often find it difficult to create things completely from scratch. In this insightful seminar, Andy will show you his design process and inspire you to push your limits. Not only will you will gain insight into Andy’s elements and principles of design, such as grain mapping, dynamic composition and line manipulation, but you will also learn how to apply these principals through practical woodworking skills and aptitudes.

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